If I upload a low resolution image or my image looks blurry in the Customizer will my Skin print pixelated or blurry?

Using a blurry or pixelated image will result in a blurry and pixelated Skin. If the preview page shows a blurry image then the final print on the Skin will also be blurry or pixelated. We recommend using clear, high resolution images when customizing your Skin.

We recommend the following specifications when uploading images to the Customizer.

Image Type:

We support JPEG, JPG, GIF and PNG image files.

Image Resolution:

We recommend 2 and above Mega pixel images for smaller devices (phone, PDA, etc...), and 5 and above Mega pixel images for large devices (laptop, desktop, Xbox, etc)

File Size:

The file size of an image should be no more than 10 Megabytes.


There are certain cases in which we will not be able to produce the custom skin with the images you upload. They are:

I. When the image quality is too low

2. When the image clearly infringes on a copyright.

3. When the image contains adult for explicit material or of a graphic nature.

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